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DHN is a focus on the high-end projection research Development, sales, service as one of the national high-tech Technological enterprises. DHN business is mainly divided into two sectors, on the one hand Committed to projector hardware research and development and production, another The aspect revolves around the hardware achievement, the development project turns the product The ultimate goal is to achieve "light and shadow" in each line Application of industries. On the road of brand development, all the employees of the company are adhering to the enthusiasm for the projection cause, practicing the development mission of creating first-class national brand, breaking through the application limitations of the projection industry, having the courage to innovate and constantly develop, and unswervingly becoming a national brand with national characteristics!


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Master core technology

DHN has its own R & D team, adhering to the scientific and rigorous attitude in the field of projection exploration, through unremitting efforts to gradually stand out, with the industry can not be matched by the core technology, in the footsteps of the market at the same time also developed an exclusive exclusive projection function......

Multi-series product coverage

DHN develops different products for different scenarios and applications, covering all aspects of the product line....

Specialised services

DHN adheres to the attitude of continuous improvement in product service. It has its own service system and team from product research and development and sales to service system....

A new era of projection object display

The projection object display industry is proposed for the market application of DHN, that is, "make objects in life image and display, realise the information interaction between people and machines, machines and machines, and people". It covers all walks of life, such as our common light and shadow restaurants, light and shadow gyms, light and shadow subway/garage/in-station advertising, and light and shadow cultural tourism....

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